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Healthier hair for little girls

•   By Rebecca Long Pyper   •

You know the old adage: Little girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice … including a head of hair that has to be fixed. Whether you love styling your daughter’s hair or not, the fact remains that little-girl hair isn’t quite the same as a mature mane. To get young tresses looking tiptop, cosmetologist Brittney Oliverson at A-Cute Angle offers these suggestions:


• Even if your daughter is growing it out, make sure her hair gets trimmed every six months. Little ones can get by with trimming just two times a year because their hair isn’t often heat styled; cutting about an inch and a half or two inches with each trim will keep hair looking healthy. “It doesn’t stimulate growth or make it grow faster, but it helps so your ends don’t break off,” Oliverson said.


• Tangles can be a little girl’s nemesis, so keep those snarls at bay the easy way: When hair is wet, apply a detangler. Also, try “brushing more often so it doesn’t get to the point where it’s so ratty that you can’t get through it,” Oliverson said. And use a good paddle brush, always starting at the ends of the hair and moving toward the roots.


• If your daughter’s hair looks wispy, try a shorter look — mostly one length with just a bit of layering at the ends.


• On the other hand, if you don’t want the maintenance, opt for a longer look since the shorter the cut, the more styling is required to make it look good. “Keeping it about shoulder length — maybe a little longer than their shoulders — (and) all one length is probably best,” Oliverson said. That way moms and dads can keep hair pulled back and out of their dauthers’ eyes (and nothing’s faster than a ponytail on days your family is running late).


• If your daughter has a hard time keeping her hair out of her face, bangs might be just the trick to solve that problem.


• And the No. 1 thing girls can do to keep their locks looking lovely?  “Having a good diet definitely helps. Your hair and your nails always show results from how healthy you are and your nutrition,” Oliverson said.

Story and background photo by Rebecca Long Pyper.